Holmwood’s Online Learning was founded to enable you to learn real English online. We believe in learning by doing. That’s why we developed a course in which you actively use the English language.

Thousands of students and individuals use Holmwood’s to learn real English. This inspires us to expand the course and develop new features, together with our  international team of language and teaching professionals.

Authentic English course and study materials

Holmwood’s provides online solutions for schools, teachers and students who are teaching or learning English. Our aim is to ensure that our material matches with your and your students’ needs.

English Premium

English Premium is a complete course to learn real English. Starting at beginners level students can seamlessly work to level B1 and beyond. Students can work on their own level and at their own pace in this modern and vibrant course.

English Essentials

Do you need extra listening, reading or grammar training for your students? Holmwood’s Essentials offers a huge range of video and text exercises across all levels from beginner to proficiency. Together with grammar lessons and exercises this training package perfectly complements students on existing courses.

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