Caramel Tree offers a wide range of products and services that make up our Total English Learning Solutions for Young Learners from kindergarten to elementary school. Building on over thirty years of experience as a leading provider of English language learning and reading programs, Caramel Tree’s tried and trusted programs have served as a platform for learning for thousands of students around the world.

Why Caramel Tree?

  • Caramel Tree’s total learning solutions approach is designed with supplements including workbooks and audio along with eLearning programs which give a complete learning program for young learners.
  • Innovative products have integrated learning systems with both online and offline study materials which give young learners continuity in learning English as a foreign language.
  • Developed from nearly 30 years of experience, Caramel Tree’s tried and trusted materials have provided a platform for English language learning for thousands of young students around the world.

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Junior eLearning Elementary Program